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Pheromone are chemicals produced by animals to control behavior and influence in the opposite sex. Perfume and cologne manufactures specifically use pheromones in their product lines to enhance peoples sexual aura and increase sexual attraction. With so many different pheromone products on the market how do you know which one is the best?

Why Use Pheromones

Let's face it, if you are a guy in the dating game you know how finicky women can be. Most women that have had a half-way decent childhood are not attracted to men who are mean, self-centered, arrogant, obnoxious or indifferent towards others. Instead, it is the underlying complementary characteristics that often go with being an asshole that account for why women are attracted to them. Fortunately for humanity, these positive and attractive characteristics are not mutually exclusive to being an asshole. One can cultivate these positive attributes separately from the other negative traits according to

Self-centeredness can be a characteristic of a man who is fervently pursuing what he deems as his purpose in life. Arrogance often correlates with a man who has great belief in himself. An obnoxious person typically believes that what he has to say holds value. Appearing indifferent can be a trait of a man who has abundance and is secure in his environment. Thus women are not attracted to assholes per se, but instead to confident men, who are secure with themselves, know and go for what they want and do not let the opinions of others faze them.

By using pheromone colognes you can increase your confidence which will boost your success rate with women.

As previously discussed, a nice guy’s actions can often be interpreted by a woman as an attempt to buy her affection. Thus inversely, being disrespectful to a woman is the clearest way of communicating that you are indifferent to her opinion of you. After all, a woman who has not read this book would likely find it hard to rationalize why a man interested in her would be insulting. An insult can sub-communicate to a woman that you are not trying to impress her or are emotionally dependent on her validation. Thus the woman will not sense that you have an agenda and will be more likely to trust what you say as being honest.

Understanding The Different Pheromones Used in Cologne/Perfume

Each manufacturer uses a different pheromone formula in there products which usually comprise of any of the following pheromone formulas below:

What is most important is that you are effectively communicating the honest intent behind your actions. If you do want something in return for the drink — that is fine — but your expectations must be honestly communicated to the woman from the start. This was the surprising discovery that Feynman made when he outright asked a woman if she would sleep with him prior to buying her a drink. Likewise, if a woman asks you why you refuse to buy her a drink, tell her your honest reason for not doing so. I personally say to such women: “Don’t take it personally, but I do not buy women that I just met drinks. I believe it can send the wrong message.” This response is usually met by a short look of surprise, followed by a smile and the woman becoming intrigued. Check out the latest pheromone reviews results.

Using Best Pheromones To Increase Attraction

A woman likes a guy who is an asshole because he communicates honest signals. She can trust that he is not putting on some type of act, and that the man she is getting to know is actually who he says he is. The actions of a so called “nice guy” are often extremely dishonest. By pretending that you are not interested in a woman, and that you are only being nice, you are effectively lying to the woman.

There is incongruence between your thoughts, words and actions. This incongruence shows the woman that although you like her, you lack self-confidence, crave her validation, and want an intact ego more than you want her. To be clear, the goal is not to become an asshole, but to learn to communicate your honest intent. The types of women for whom you actually need to become an asshole to attract are the same ones that you should probably avoid.


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