Pheromones Affect Sexual Behavior

Pheromones are odorless chemicals that our body produces to affect our sexual behavior and attract the opposite sex.

They are captured by the vomeronasal organ (VNO), lodged in our nose, also called the sixth sense.

Medical research proves that individuals with higher pheromone secretion have higher sexual attractiveness and are more respected.

Now, thanks to the latest advances in pheromone synthesis technology, a new world opens up. Welcome to the science of sexual attraction. All the power of pheromones is now at your disposal.

Pheromones Affect Sexual behavior

People tend to believe that only external beauty and sensuality are the true keys to being irresistible people on the part of the opposite sex. Obviously, that can help.

But, as you can see, sexual attractiveness is actually due to the effect caused by pheromones.

Another well-known example is that male cockroaches achieve high degrees of sexual arousal when exposed to an experiment through the use of a glass rod covered with pheromones of female cockroaches.
Pheromones will intensify your sexual drive immediately.

Scientific studies have shown over the years that their natural function is to intensify sexual attraction. Women will detect through the subconscious the presence of pheromones and feel instantly attracted to you.

Early Research on Pheromones

However, in the case of human pheromones, the first scientific experiences were made in 1986 by Dr. Cutler, Director of the Athena Institute of Pennsylvania, who proved their existence.

Undoubtedly, with the advancement of science and technology, extraordinary progress was made in the experimentation with these substances. Do Athena 10X pheromones work?

So much so, that for several years now they have been produced in laboratories for subsequent commercialization, where the results demonstrated by the thousands of testimonies, undoubtedly affirms the influence of their use to achieve a better performance for a sexual attraction towards men and women.

Get The Truth

The truth is that pheromones do work and are highly effective. It is proven that the influence of these attractants produces a sexual reaction in an unconscious way.

Obviously, it is not a mágina product through which, after the mere fact of using them, women will surrender to their feet, since the beings human beings we have a high level of reason and ability to control our sexual impulses.

As a result of the latest advances in the technology, human pheromones open the possibility that any man or woman, can immensely enhance their capacity for sexual attraction.

Statistics have been developed regarding the responses in terms of human relationships, both sexual and social. Below you can find out the results obtained thanks to the use of synthetic human pheromones:

1 - Start a conversation: 61%
2 - Make the conversation more fluid and interesting: 52%
3 - Demonstrate interest in the person: 43%
4 - Correspond when we take the first step: 40%
5 - Receive unsolicited compliments: 36%
6 - Physical contact or friction: 30%
7 - Get sexual excitement from the other person: 18%
8 - Receive an expression of explicit sexual desire 17%
9 - End having sex with them: 16%

Natural Pheromones

Pheromones, in nature, are chemical signals released by sexual glands and as a result, they stimulate sexual attraction.

In the case of colognes, synthesized in laboratories, human pheromones produce a response to people of the opposite sex. That is, with pheromones we have an irresistible attraction for women, for men, and for gays. Learn more about pheromones:


A few drops are enough to unleash their full power and dramatically increase your appeal. It has been documented that pheromones can trigger powerful sexual responses in women.

When a woman perceives molecules of this substance scattered through the air, it produces a biological reaction.

What Can You Expect?

The responses to the stimulus could vary in each person, depending on who receives the signal and under what circumstances. Keep in mind that unlike animals, there may be many variables in terms of the effect produced.

Also, depending on your own attitude, people of the opposite sex can be more or less receptive to you. You can even get even more explicit sexual responses.

Some users have described a much more intense experience of making love when they used pheromone extract.