With or Without Pheromones

Women are very emotional with or without pheromones, and stimulating her mind with words will stimulate her sexually. As a matter of fact, you should absolutely let her know that you are non-judgmental and discreet through playful, erotic story telling early and often during your initial intimate interactions.

Read some Pheromone Forum letters and master the art of talking dirty (without being creepy). In doing so, you will elicit feelings of trust and comfort and will let her know that you can handle her freaky side.

Never judge a woman for her past when it comes to sex with pheromones. If she tells you she had sex with two guys or whatever, tell her you find that arousing (unless you are looking for a long term payoff and you can’t handle knowing this).

Judging her copulins will kill trust, and if there’s diminished trust, your sex life will suck. There are way too many women that have terrible sex lives because they lack adequate pheromone production.
Sadly, the majority of these unfulfilled women are in committed relationships, wishing they were with a pheromone user that would actualize their fantasies according to 

• Experiment. This relates to the first sex tip for pheromone users: in order to experiment sexually, you must have GREAT pheromone communication according to experts. Do Athena 10X pheromones work

Phermone communication is as important to good sex as radiating sexual confidence is to seducing a woman. Don’t wait for her to proactively tell you about her wildest, most perverted fantasies. Ask her what she thinks about when she’s masturbating. Talk dirty to her while you’re inside her. Share your pheromonal fantasies and fetishes and deepest, darkest desires with her, too. (However, if you’re into some really crazy sexual shit, you might want to wait until your relationship has progressed a little further). 

It would take me an entire, separate book to explain the secrets to being a great pheromone lover, and there are plenty of outstanding books out there that discuss this very topic. Below are just a few basic sex tips that are especially important for pheromones in the bedroom:

• Talk Openly.

Many pheromone users are shy and reluctant to talk about sex. But women LOVE to talk about sex. Good sex is so much about arousal and open communication with a woman. Tell her, in lurid detail, what you want to do to her...and what you want her to do to you.

When I refer to a Heavy Payoff, of course I’m talking about just pheromones. Not just sexual intercourse, but all permutations of sex. I’m sorry, but despite what Bill Clinton says, in my book, a blowjob constitutes sex.

Ditto cunnilingus, a hand job, and so on. Whatever your personal definition of sex happens to be, when I refer to a Heavy Payoff, I’m referring to the exchange of bodily fluids.

A Heavy Payoff happens the first night you meet a woman, on the first or second date (many women nowadays adhere to a “no sex until the third date” rule), or after several dates, it’s imperative that you bring your pheromone attraction “A” game into the bedroom. Perhaps more so than kissing, I hope at this stage in the journey of your life that you’ve had plenty of sex and have learned (if not mastered) the art of making love to a woman. Learn more about pheromones: http://astrobiosociety.org/top-pheromones-for-men-2015/


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