Pheromones And Love

The vomeronasal organ and then triggering the appropriate emotion or response. Dr. David Berliner, president of the pheromone research company Pherin Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnologist and a former anatomy professor whose research on human pheromones is a key source for the information in this book, has taken the link between the VNO and the hypothalamus even further by testing ways to deliver drug therapies in the form of synthetic sub- stances acting on the VNO. In general, pheromone communication works like this: Messages taken into the VNO travel to the hypothalamus, reaching the brain in fractions of a second. Once at the emotional core of the brain, the message carried by the pheromone elicits the designated response. Thus, like animals responding to pheromonal cues as part of daily existence, we, too, react to pheromones without thinking according to

 From Pheromone Obscurity to the Spotlight

Five years ago, few people were talking about human pheromones. Regardless of what was happening in a few labs around the country, people certainly weren’t discussing pheromones over lunch, and the popular press hadn’t yet realized that pheromones make for interesting feature stories and enticing headlines thanks to

Now that the existence of human pheromones has been confirmed and their role in our behavior has been documented, it seems clear that these chemical communicators have important things to tell all of us. What does it all mean? The possibilities are enormous. Scientists are now investigating how pheromones and their derivatives may help you lose weight, get a better night’s sleep, slip into a mood conducive to romance, heighten your libido, combat the effects of anxiety and panic disorders, and treat premenstrual syndrome and breast and prostate cancers.

Pheromones And Love 

According to, whether pheromones enter our lives and our vomeronasal organs through our loved one’s sweet-smelling sweat, a newly one. My emotions are still lagging behind on my rational thoughts due to heavy pheromone attraction. That means I still love her because we also had a lot of very pleasant moments. The story that I wrote above is thus only one side of the picture. She had moments were she was super-sweet and were we were the perfect couple. She also used to be a model so I have the feeling this will be the prettiest girlfriend I can get. It is for me hard to understand that she became so demanding the last months. It is also breaking my hart that no matter what I do, I will not be good enough for her. In the beginning she looked up to me but that changed after a while. Maybe because I became too soft or my behavior caused her to consider me for granted (my friends say that whenever I have a girlfriend, I put her on a pedestal). It kind of sucks that good guys don’t get rewarded (I know I am whining), but I knew that already because I have read a lot of game material. I thought these negative effects of being a good guy would be less pronounced in a relationship (in contrast to the attraction phase before the relationship). Anyway, I started using powerful pheromone colognes like Pherazone to spikc eup my love life again.


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