Pheromones are omnipotent

Pheromones are omnipotent in the animal kingdom. The sex drive of a native phish could be its downfall.  Se pheromones are now being used as bait to trap the pest.  An eradiation program has shrunk Carp numbers. Now a pheromones expert  has been recruited to remove the last of them.  Reducing the population is why sex trumps food. By boosting the production of sex pheromones , Carp populations can be boosted. The pheromones used are specific to carp.  If the program is successful these chemical messengers will be used in more programs. Learn more about the role of pheromones at work. Learn more at

Sex Pheromones in Humans

When dancing with a woman I pull her close, pressing her leg against my crotch. This lets her know that I have a boner. I do have a problem though. See, sometimes I don’t get a boner. So I’m thinking “Oh shit! She’s all over me but I cannot get myself in the mood. Poor woman!” Dude, do not worry about it. Girls love it when they give you a boner through the emission of male pheromones.

Let her know she’s turning you on. What Igarn stated is a perfect example of what I encountered just a couple of days ago: I know this rich girl that I used to be friends with back in high school. She invited me to a fancy dance party in some ball room. Anyway, I get there and mingle. While there, I overhear two girls practically bragging out dudes they were dancing with getting hard. They weren’t talking shit about the guy and they weren’t ugly. It just made them feel good. It’s a huge ego boost for a girl. If it freaks here out, she’s probably very insecure about her looks or not very sexual. Don’t sweat it. Pheromones will make a huge difference in how women perceive you thanks to the article at

Everyone knows that the most powerful pheromones will include a heavy dosage of androstenone, androsterone, and copulins for the females. This is what causes pheromonal attraction to the opposite sex according to others.

My woman and I were talking the other day… we were watching a documentary on human pheromones, and there’s a scene at the prom where they’re dancing. I made a comment that I was never a big fan of school dances, and she said “The only good thing about them was feeling my dance partner’s hard-on rubbing up against me during the slow dances.”

Don’t be afraid of your pheromone sexuality, sir. Own it. Use it. Girls fucking love it. If she points it out, say “Hey, you’re the one who caused it. I’m just responding to your charms.”
Hehe dont let yourself get insecure about that. hell i get a boner if my girl sends me casual SMS if i am horny. So what you do next time? Hug her and tell her: wow you are so fucking sexy i barely can hold myself….this is nice sincere compliment, especially when she feels your hard dick rubbing against her.
When i used to get a boner with a girl – taking, dancing and stuff… i used to be super ashamed an older guy (who was a player) told me:   dont be ashamed, let her feel it, she will like the fact that she excites you so much. I did not believe him then. Now, many years after, i know he was right because he used pheromones.   there is NOTHING to be ashamed of, girls  LOVE it when they turn you on (assuming you are not cumming into your pants)
You will probably disregard my comment on cheap pheromones but years later you will remember it, and laugh, on how right i was.


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