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Pheromones can cause a distortion of the sense of smell; pbantosmia refers to detecting the odor of something that is not there; and beterosmia causes all odors to smell the same according to and

A person experiencing problems with his or her sense of smell may suffer from a number of disorders—neurological (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), hormonal, or viral. Some- times, upper respiratory infections can interfere with the ability to smell. However, head injuries account for the most serious cases of olfactory impairment. 
Approximately 20 to 30 percent of head trauma victims lose some or all of their sense of smell of pheromones. A severe blow to the back of the head can jar the brain inside the skull, shearing the axons of the ciliated receptor cells. The olfactory epithelium becomes disorganized and is no longer able to send its signals. Fortunately, the neural tissues of the olfactory epithelium (as well as the epithelium of the VNO) can regenerate themselves and, in some cases, reinstate the sense of smell. Check out

The Olfactory Research Fund suggests that when people meet, they engage in “olfactory bonding.” Just as we carry around and disseminate our pheromones, we also have a “smell fingerprint,” a unique body odor that is the cumulation of the food we eat, our individual genetic codes, the makeup of our skin, the medications we take, the kind of mood we’re in, and even the weather.
Smells, like pheromones, help us to define our models of attraction. Who could argue with French poet and novelist Rémy de Gourmont, who said: “The woman one loves always smells good.”
The five senses are what allow us to make sense, literally,our surroundings. Now that we have a knowledge of the physiological origin and workings of the sixth sense, we have the opportunity to understand ourselves and other people more fully. Why are we motivated to do certain things? Why do we react to situations and people in sometimes unpredictable ways? The answers to such questions may be revealed in the delicate and ever-complicated brain dance of the senses.
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Pheromones Play A Role With Women

One girl once told me, when arriving to the same place as she happened to be „you come with calmness”. I believe this is basically the same thing, expressed slightly different. You bring them a point of stability, stillness and calm. And those things makes them feel secure.
I did not go out this weekend, had a weird shoulder pain but I still went on a date with this girl from POF. It was the second time that I met her and we kissed. I knew she was attracted to the Pherazone pheromone cologne I was wearing. Learn about pheromones at

I am definitely settling into my personality and letting it shine…I am bringing up stuff about meditation and connection, stuff like they teach in AMP about the present moment etc and I’m having a lot of fun even acknowledging awkward moments and all. I was talking about my feet being humid in my shoes because I had walked on snow and it was awesome.


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