Pheromones Widespread Usage

Much the way that aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is gaining more widespread use, so too, are pheromones, as more products are placed on the market and pheromone research continues to mature.
For many, the use of pheromone perfumes or their placement in perfumes or colognes appear to have increased social confidence, self esteem, and allowed users to put their best foot forward in communicating with their peers.

This can also be true for upscale perfume provided by the perfumers and cosmetic companies like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, etc. For others 5 pheromones are sought for the specific claims made on behalf of its appeal to overt sexuality. The need to accelerate attractiveness between couples. related to its action in leading in no uncertain terms to the desire to couple. ” Here we are dealing with the evolutionary drive that led to creation of pheromones in the animal kingdom. An end point in sexuality that is designed to separate our limbic brainstem from the rational thinking of ads that have populated Men’s magazines over the past decade where there is no question as to the motives that have led to their creation.

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In regard to pheromone action at the clinical level I have been involved with the development of Eros cent. This is a pheromone derived from, our native human hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone. (DHEA). DHEA and its metabolites secreted by our skin decreases with progressive age; and DHEA is present in both men and women. It gives rise to both; testosterone and estrogen. A processed DHEA contained in Eroscent has been shown in a double blind study to enhance sexual attraction between both sexes according to
There is a plethora of information readily available on pheromone colognes. Eroscent is applied by application to the upper lip directly beneath o nostrils to allow its scent to act directly on our vomeronasal receptors.

However, its action may be applicable to wherever lovers place the ~ noses in the search for intimacy.
 Eroscent is unisexual in its appeal and we feel that its action is reciprocal ‘ between the sexes. Responding to it, with or without touch, in our own pheromones to provide social exchange or to further attract 2 encourage our lovers. What most users are looking for is described in the following experience of a 28 year-old Eroscent user:
 “There was a guy nearby and I happened to glance at him. He took that as his cue. He was acting as if he had in me the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He was talking about the special connection we had found across the room and telling me that there was something about me, he didn’t know what it was, but I was special and he had to make sure I knew it. The pheromones certainly had an effect on him!” Of course this can happen without Eroscent, and not all users are satisfied. Learn more at

According to, one must ask if pheromones can restore the limbic attraction between elderly couples bound together in long-term relationships?
Can pheromone attraction lend permanence and intimacy to lovers? Does it aid courtship or is it a placebo effect related to the creation of our belief in its activity? Is its action the equivalent of putting on an exiting garment; sharing a vacation; an exiting visit to the theater, or the dance? Is the pheromone Eroscent the equivalent of a full moon on a balmy spring evening? Or does it relate to when someone we are fond of or dependent on, rewards us with a compliment or a gift? Does it relate to the elation we get when we are triumphant or happy?

Beyond its sexual role and its release when sensuously moved are pheromones also produced as a subconscious response to happiness or contentment? Do we release pheromones with the happiness we share in someone else’s joy, or the aesthetics of a sunset, our love for a child, or the excitement of a football game? In that regard, is something telling us as we breathe it in, subconsciously now is the to reinforce our bonding, to share our love with others and to open ourselves to reproduction.


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