How Human Pheromones Were Discovered

In this article, I discuss the discovery of pheromones.

Human pheromones were first mentioned by a German physician in the 19th century. This physician was named Gustav J├Ąger, and he described these pheromones as effectively being the signature of
human odor.

Since the first mention of human pheromones, there have been many studies on many different aspects of pheromones.

Pheromone Studies

Some of these studies have been strictly on the impact that human pheromones have on physical attraction. And some are also on more broad topics and just understanding how they work.

One study demonstrated that when females were exposed to a specific chemical found in male sweat, it resulted in elevated cortisol levels. This chemical is detected by a part of the nose.

And it proves that although we may not be able to consciously identify the specific chemicals by odor, our bodies are capable of doing so. Similarly, a study investigated a synthetic chemical found in perfumes.

And the study concluded that this chemical resulted in elevated sexual contact with males. This an example of a powerful human pheromone being isolated and used in a perfume to increase appeal.

Another study which demonstrated the extreme power of human pheromones observed an effect which has since then been named the McClintock effect.

In short, this theory states that the menstrual cycles of women will either slow down or speed up to synchronize with the other women that they are frequently around.

The study which established this effect was conducted by exposing the women to a sample or perspiration which contains a larger number of pheromones.

Since the menstrual cycles of females exposed to sweat either sped up or slowed down, it has been theorized that there are two distinct pheromones at work in this situation which is responsible for this change.

Human Pheromone Attraction

Imagine being in a social gathering with plenty of attractive individuals. For the sake of argument say, they are all equally attractive physically.

Pheromones are what makes a person go after a particular individual in a room full of potential mates. It is one of the things that makes a person attractive before you get to know the individual.

It what makes that small thought in the back of your mind say, that a particular individual is the one you want to get to know. Most people are attracted to the person that releases the combination that best matches their chemistry.

 It could be the person who has the least or the most depending on the other person’s own reaction to pheromones according to Everyone is different but the effects cannot be denied. Pheromones are a powerful source of attraction in any species.

The feeling of knowing someone is attracted to you is at the best of times exquisite and at the worst of times flattering. Almost every person the world over whether consciously or unconsciously tries to make themselves more attractive to others.

This is done in many ways such as improving your appearance by working out, wearing makeup or dressing attractively. Pheromones also work to make oneself more attractive and although there may be a bit of mystery surrounding them in your mind, however, I assure you the end results are no different. Learn how pheromones work.

Effects of Pheromones

Generally, the desired effects by pheromone users are to stimulate affection in others. They also help prospective partners be drawn to yourself. And pheromones increase the intensity of the pull from yourself to others.

Pheromones are largely consciously unnoticed by people in normal situations. Pheromones work by selectively targeting receptors in the human brain.

This works to alter a person's  experience to a more positive sensation. It helps to increase desire, longing for love and intimacy and greatly increases your attractiveness.  Learn more about what are pheromones.

Pheromones have been shown in scientific studies to be effective in both animal and human experiments. Pheromone sprays are used by millions of people the world over.

These people are just looking for a way to increase their own attractiveness and success with women. If you're interested in pheromones take a look around our website. Learn more about pheromone sprays and how to maximize their effectiveness.