What Colognes Have Real Pheromones?

I right now have 2 pheromones:  Pherazone: For sex situations or seduction situations. This one guy I quoted video in the other thread says in his experience sexual pheromones work (only) when you are already in isolation and she is relaxed and even when you are already fucking her -> effect shall be that she has more lust and is more animalistic. So I will take this when fuck buddies come over or on dates where I think sex could happen. Pheromones are mostly purchases by men who want to attract women.

Learn how pheromones work | Weebly.com 

Max Attraction: for going out, social situations. Shall work on men and women -> this is great cause it shall work on myself. Learn more about pheromones at http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=176

Random Pheromone thoughts 27.8:

- Placebo effect is crazy
- There is the established theory(?) on the pheromone forums it seems if you spray too little it does not work, if you spray too much it can work the opposite (instead of attraction they feel repulsed) -> this sounds a bit like quack-medicine ('it can get worse first, before it gets better' -> now of course everything gets better or worse, with this logic it 'worked every time')
- If I would sell pheromones the cheapest and best marketing is just making a few profiles (like fifty) and write little tiny success stories all day. Or you can pay some Indian guys to do it.
- how can you even know a difference? Girls have to react 'differently'. So it's 'better' to know their 'normal' reaction in similar situations. To notice a difference. On the other hand e.g. there is a powerful difference e.g. - her time of the months (female friend told me she is super horny once a month). Of course the effect would be visible if it's really big. In my experience (see journal) the effect is miniscule at best.
- People believe in all kinds of bullshit, it's all so logical if you are 'inside' -> moon landing fake, truthers, john f Kennedy...
- And the wish for attractive things to be true is so strong

Quick first 'conclusion so far' on Max Attraction Silk: not really working
There were 2 girls who I already had sex at one point in my life and we were cuddling for like an hour. This sounds like the perfect scenario pheromones should work. But they didn't seem to according to many. Learn about what are pheromones | Infospeak.org.

Will report till the bottle is empty, which shouldn't take too long, I would guess 20-30 uses, it's also good information how long one bottle lasts. On pherotruth, there are members who claim that the spray didn't work for them but the oil does (though it's expensive). I've had some hits with bliss, I have evolve but I can't accurately point out if I was getting hits from that or my conversation skills. I have the copulin stick, it does help for the gym.

I actually don't know why I did it, probably  she had "ready to be kissed" face or something. This fast escalation can be real killer, cause she doesn't have time to start her hamster spinning "is this guy good enough for me?". At the same time her girlfriends are compensating the fact that she is not thinking and are the most bitter enemies of the seduction process.


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