Pheromones were applied ten times

Pheromones were applied ten times between May 16 and September 27, an average of 4.62 g/ ha per treatment; virelure and TF were applied 14 times during the period May 16 to October 4, averages of 11.3 and 19.3 g/ ha per application, respectively; and Z9 TDF was applied 12 times from May 16 to September 20, an average of 11.9 g/ ha per application.

Approximately 29, 49, 69, and 78% of the gossyplure evaporated from the plastic- laminated flakes in 7, 14, 21, and 28 days, respectively; 22 to 84% of the TF and 66 to 92% of the virelure evaporated from the flakes during the same period (Table 2). Learn more about pheromones at 

B. Effect on Pink Bollworm Male Moth Catches

The effects of pheromone application of gossyplure plus TF, virelure, or Z-9 TDF on catches of male moths in gossyplure-baited traps were not significantly different, so the com- bined results are shown in Figure 1. From the time of the first application of gossyplure on May 16 and continuing to mid-July, catches in all fields were low. However, the catches in the gossyplure-baited traps were reduced significantly (an average 93%, range 78 to 99%) in the pheromone-treated fields from July 14 to September 11 as compared to catches in insecticide-treated control fields according to and

Pheromone catches in the control fields were probably affected by the gossyplure treatments since the experimental area was relatively small. For example, the average male catches per trap per night in gossyplure-treated fields for 2 to 3 days before and after treat-ments were 2.9 and 0.3, respectively. Meanwhile, in the control fields, they were 115.1 and 70.4. respectively. Moth trap catches in the untreated check field increased steadily throughout-the season. and a peak catch of 260 male moths per trap was recorded in late September (Figure 2). Learn more about pheromones at my site.

When a man cannot translate his feelings into physical and verbal forms of expression, he often feels passionless to a woman. A man’s lack of passion feeds a woman’s lack of desire. To be fully felt and experienced, love needs to be given voice and form. Learn more about pheromones at

Telling a woman: “You know I love you,” demonstrates a creative limitation. She shouldn’t have to “know it.” She should feel it and experience it in your demonstrations. Her knowing is something that develops over time with your consistency. It’s great if she knows it, but you don’t want that to be a crutch for your immediate and most passionate expression.

The first thing to cultivate is your appreciation. Appreciation is a focus, but appreciation fades without attention. Every day, try to notice what you love about her. Is it how she inspires or supports you? Is it her smile? What about her can you celebrate? And then ask yourself how you want to give form to these thoughts or feelings. Is it with gifts? Is it with acts of loving kindness? Is it a card or a plane ticket, a poem, or a bouquet of flowers? What are you most moved to do? What ways are most satisfying for you to celebrate her?


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