Human Pheromones That Build Attraction

Humans produce special hormones called pheromones. These are powerful chemical messengers that when emitted into the air, deliver a certain message to the recipient of the same species.

About Pheromones

Human pheromones are naturally given off when we feel strong emotions. However,  their amounts are often too small to be perceived. Moreover, we constantly diminish these amounts by taking daily showers.

However, pheromones can be synthesized. So not only can we continue using them, but we can also choose exactly the ones we need, thus affecting the behavior of people around us.

Pheromones Found In Humans

Let’s have a look at some human pheromones and the effects they produce.


The alpha isomer of Androstenol will help to make the individual wearing it appear to be more friendly. This is apparently more of a chatty pheromone compared to the beta isomer.

The leading documented reaction to Androstenol continues to be an increase in chattiness and friendliness. It will also improve sexual attractiveness. Remember that it is known as a great “ice-breaker” pheromone.


Many human pheromone colognes make heavy use of androstenone, as it was one of the first shown to enhance attraction. Androstenone can help a man give the impression that he is a very dominant and aggressive male, a leader.


It has an effect similar to androstenone, but without the aggression component. This pheromone can create an aura of a very masculine, strong and protective man. Because of this, it is enjoyed by a larger sample of the population, so it is less risky to use.

This makes it far more newbie-friendly, but a bit less targeted. Some people are more vulnerable to one than the other and only through isolation and experimentation with the individual will you be able to tell which pheromone works best.

The only main drawback of androsterone is that it doesn't have powerful effects on many people. It is far more subdued, more "chill", especially in lower doses. You will probably want to mix in more pheromones once you have tested out its effects enough.


This pheromone has a very good effect on women. It makes them feel more relaxed, romantic, and attracted to the man wearing it, as well as boosting women’s sexual desire. So, it’s perfect for use in a marriage.

Pheromones For Women

Copulin pheromone and androstenol pheromone are the two pheromones that the women’s body generally secretes but various body sprays destroy androstenol pheromone.

This is a cause of great concern because pheromones are thought of as a great tool by which women automatically attract men. Check out pheromone fragrances |

Pheromone Sprays

Scientists have synthesized these pheromones in the lab. Now a woman can easily attract the man of her dreams even if she is not capable of secreting the pheromones herself. Check out the best pheromone spray reviews |

Building Attraction with Pheromones

Do you often find yourself wishing you had better luck attracting the opposite sex? Have you ever noticed how seem people seem to have a natural edge for attracting men and women?

Well, now thanks to the latest research in pheromones you could play with mother nature on your own side. Recent developments of pheromone sprays by people all over the country to help them attract the opposite sex.

Understanding how these pheromones work to attract the opposite sex requires an understanding of how they work in nature. Most animals on this planet use pheromones to communicate in some way or another. There are used for all manner of things and in many ways.

For example, some insect will spray pheromones to warn of danger or to let others know of a food source. Other animals will secrete a specific pheromone only during their breeding period.

Dogs use pheromones in their urine to mark territory, you may not believe it but a dog senses a wealth of information from over 100 different types of pheromones.

Where we can use pheromones to our own advantage is by helping us appear more attractive to men or women, depending on the attract pheromone used. For men, there are 3 main pheromones that help them come across as more masculine or caring or manly depending on the pheromone used.

There also exist pheromones that attract men that make women appear more attractive. However, using pheromones to attract the opposite sex will not seal the deal.

Human relationships are far more complex than that of animals and the pheromones will only act as an aid. The final result will depend on how well you play your game.


While humans are much more evolved than any other animal or mammal on this planet, there is still an animalistic nature within each of us, which is impossible to deny. That’s not to say that we are no different than any animal, but we still have a fair bit in common with animals.

One common thing that we share with animals is something called pheromones. While human pheromones differ from animal pheromones to an extent, human pheromones still largely determine who is seen as desirable from a sexual point of view.