Pheromone Colognes For Sexual Advantage

Are you interested in purchasing the best pheromone cologne? If you can demonstrate that you’re fun, being playful, self amusing, teasing, flirting, friendly, positive and chill; if you can show that you’re masculine — meaning you recognize the differences in the sexes.

Today we’re going to talk about pheromone colognes can make you more attractive around women and how to use them to your advantage.  You have the very routine based guys and then you have the guys who are more focused on inner game. And in my opinion, the real power comes from being somewhere in the middle of the two of them.

Why do you want to use pheromones?

You understand men are purposeful, leading, mature, strong, certain, dominant, calm, comfortable. And you understand the difference in the polarities between men and women and how to interact with a woman as opposed to how to interact with a man. By using powerful pheromone colognes you will get the hidden advantage on women and increase your sexual attractiveness.

If you can be interesting, you can be funny, you can use role plays to be creative and show your interesting side. You can use social proof. You can be emotionally stimulating. You have something to teach her. You have a sexy stereotype and a sexy identity. And you have a sequence that explains how you got to be who you are. Combined with confidence - the belief in yourself - coming from the right place.

What to expect with pheromone colognes?

Let’s assume you’re non judgmental, you’re indifferent, you’re willing to walk away. You’re nonreactive, and unreactive being internally Validated and not reaction seeking. And you’re sexually comfortable, you will get attraction. Pheromones will actually boost your confidence making you more attractive both socially and physically.

Confidence is a very hard thing to define for most people and in the community a lot is made of the place you come from. So I actually spent probably four weeks reading books trying to figure out what this method of magical place you want to come from is, and that’s what we’re gonna wrap up with. I have discovered the place that you want to come from for confidence. It has five diferent parts.

Social Proof with Pheromones

Social proof is something that you say and something that you do. When you mention an ex girlfriend or an ex fiancé who was a model or an actress or a waitress, you get a better reaction. I have done the field work. If you roll into the venue with girls you get a better reaction.

That’s the whole basis of using pheromone colognes to increase your game. You can also use social proof with other things. You can use social proof by talking about people that you know. You can use social proof by talking about how people treat you really well everywhere you go. You can use social proof by talking about how girls are always after you. All of these things create social proof and social proof works. Learn more about pheromones for men to get laid.


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