What Are Pheromones and How Do they Work?

In this article, I am going to explain what are pheromones.

Admit it; you wouldn’t have thought the sense of smell played much importance in attracting the perfect mate. Compared to the other senses—sight, touch—we tend to disregard olfaction as we pursue the search for “The One”.

Well, science begs to differ: read a little bit about what pheromones are, and you’ll realize just how significant a role scents play in the game of love.

What Are Phermones?

First and foremost, what are pheromones? Pheromones are chemical scents produced by the body, used to non-verbally (and subconsciously) communicate. It is commonly known to be found in a multitude of animals, most often excreted for mating calls and defensive warning signs.

Many animals, insects and mammals included, rely heavily on their nose to select their mating partners. After all, what else do they have to go on? Learn more about how do pheromones work.

There are some who do say humans are more like animals than we think. Perhaps civilization has knocked the most animal-like qualities off people. No longer do we walk around clad in nothing but our birthday suit; we eat with utensils, go to the bathroom with the door closed, and get intimate in private.

At face value, there is probably no way our lives could be further away from the wild.
However, there is nothing to be done about biological impulses.

Acting as a great equalizer, biology shows that in our most basic form stripped of all the formalities, maybe we share more with our animal counterparts after all.

What Pheromone Studies Say

Studies have shown considerable favor in the existence of pheromones in the human body. It is not all sexual. Odors, it seems, may be subliminally affecting the way people feel and act constantly.

 From competition to relaxation, research shows a number of moods being altered at the presence of the substance. Much of our behavior is rooted in chemicals in the body, so it is not a far cry to presume the scents in the air may also be a large influence.

Despite its effect on other areas, the interest in pheromones still lies mainly in its significance in dating. According to studies, each person has a unique ‘scent print’.

It is this particular signature that humans apparently base initial attraction on, getting turned on by those with ‘scent prints’ that indicate genes most compatible with theirs. Turns out, it matters less what deodorant you wear than what you actually smell underneath!

Another good tidbit to keep in mind: the amount of pheromones your body produces might actually be proportional to your success in attracting people of the opposite sex.

There are scientists who believe that people gravitate more towards those with a substantially healthy amount. This is for a number of reasons, first of which is the previously mentioned possible compatibility.

A good dose of pheromones also suggest an individual is more learned in the art of romance. From dating to inside the bedroom, it seems there might be more going on with pheromones than meets the eye. This could finally be the key to finding the ideal mate. Learn more about pheromones for men to get laid.

Significance of Pheromones

Despite being generally accepted, there are those in the field who remain skeptical about the significance of pheromones. While there is no conclusive evidence that tips the scale either way, both parties admit that the way to go is to find out more about the subject. The knowledge on this field is relatively young, so extensive study is still definitely necessary.

If you want to do some first-hand research on the matter, there are perfumes and cologne in the market that contain pheromone additives.

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