Pherazone Test ... Does It Work?

I wanted to deliberately test Pherazone is as I am not sure whether pheromones actually work. I have a couple of counter reference experiences with cheaper pheromones. Those counter reference experiences basically were unintentional long moments of sexual tension, while I wasn't intending to seduce her. So I never touched her to begin with.

In any case, in order to test this I need to have a set of scented and unscented pheromones to escalate as fast as possible and a set where I escalate at my 'metta pace'. This will be quite hard to test, I need to meditate more pheromone samples. What definitely doesn't work -- also his point -- is waiting around to escalate and hope for the best. When I'm in 'default mode' his advice is correct. All I'm saying is when I'm using pheromones my confidence dramatically improves.

To protect yourself from all of these fears and intense negative experience the belief that pheromones work is a good one to have. It's also a good skill to have. Yet, IMO, it doesn't resolve the fear that I experienced underneath it. Learn more about Pherazone Ultra |

That fear only gets resolved when you let go of this heuristic and just belief that women can be attracted to men that handle less sexual tension than she can without using pheromones. I don't know the ratio of women that are attracted, all I'm saying is that it's possible. I've experienced it in 3 sexual encounters using Pherazone Ultra. I've had about 12 in total. Also, those 3 encounters were the hottest women I had sex with. It's even debatable if it's just 3, perhaps even 5 or 6.

My Success With Pherazone Pheromones

The reason I still had success with those women is because in some cases they escalated on me. In other cases I finally escalated after hours on them. They could handle the tension way better than I could, during those escalations. They didn't care, looking back, they clearly wanted me to escalate. They clearly knew they were more sexually experienced than me. Hell, I'd even go as far to say that some knew they had more social value than me.

It doesn't matter, because I offered her an experience that she couldn't refuse. I offered her me . Some women are genuinely attracted to the 'real me'. My core values are about fantasy and curiosity since I was four years old. When I was four I just didn't know the word core values, but I did know those were, and still are, my core values. Some women are really into that. This also goes for you, some women are genuinely attracted to the real you with or without human pheromones. They are (personality wise) attracted to the real four year old you. When that's the case, everything else doesn't matter. The only thing you need to have is the persistence to finally escalate.

Conclusion: Pherazone pheromones is one of the most powerful and effective colognes on the market. The blend and pheromone concentration is second to none and the results are staggering. Make sure to check out Pherazone today!


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