What I Have Noticed about Using Pheromones

What I've noticed for me is that whenever I can combine serious pheromone topics with whimsical topics that is when I shine.

My friend didn't get it how pheromones work to get girls. So I asked him the question (he's a business student): would you rather want to work for a VC company that focuses on companies like Akzo Nobel? Or would you rather want to work for a VC company that focuses on companies like Valve and Blizzard? Him being a gamer he exclaimed "holy shit! Without even consciously processing it my body just screamed "YES YES YES!" enthusiastically at the gaming option!"

That's one the trick that I use to motivate myself : use pheromones all the time.

Synergy is related to this. For example, when it comes to cleaning my room, what if I also focus on being in the moment and try to notice what interests me the most while being in the moment with pheromone users?

I remember that there was this study about learning the science of pheromones. One group had to focus on learning it. The other group had to focus on how the French words sounded, or how beautiful it sounded even crazy. Check out pheromones at http://anatomist.info/top-pheromones-that-get-you-girls/ and http://condor-project.org/why-i-use-the-best-pheromones/

(okay... this was from memory and is probably wrong... the principle remains the same though)

Focus on how pheromones can make you more attractive in whatever you do.

The image is working by the way, it hurts a lot everytime I feel and see it. So far it has activated a few times and when it does, I stop with whatever I was doing and focus on my goals instead of using cheap pheromones. I've came into the next level of procrastination which is: deciding what is procrastination and what isn't. I don't procrastinate outright anymore, now I do a lot of activities that sometimes seem like procrastination but aren't; yet sometimes they are. But from my 35's, my life changed drastically. I fell in love in a different way than before, went to live with two women -don't get crazy: my girlfriend and her daughter, a girl of 8 years (now 18)- we had a daughter together too, and 8 years after the beginning of this story, we broke up. Today, it was two years ago.

I have been using pheromones almost everyday of my life and have received much more attention from women. Before starting that stage in my life (my "marriage"), I felt young and free, had reached an interesting peak of general disinhibition, sexually I did not feel quite complete but living my scorpian-plutonian sexual energy, for those interested in astrology.

I had traveled the world, some places several times: all the 23 provinces of  my country, all its neighboring countries, several countries in Central America, USA -chicago, Miami, LA- City -and the north- of Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Norway, China ... But at last ,in those crazy years -before "marriage"-, I began to feel alone. Need to know and be paired with someone, have children.


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