Human Pheromones Boost Attraction

Pheromones, among other things, have introduced science as a possible rationale for attraction. They may help answer some of the questions people have while playing the dating game. How to find true love? How to attract a compatible mate? These are still inquiries that are frustratingly elusive for most people, so far. We all want to know. What is the big secret?

Attraction, in its basest form, is extremely difficult to study. While scientists can observe the biological impulses, the behavioral patterns and the resulting events, it is hard to isolate and declare the cause of it.

Human pheromones may just be the answer everyone is on the lookout for. They may be the secret to drawing the attention of the opposite sex.

Science of Pheromones

As with many science subjects, the interest in pheromones began with the presence of them in animals. These chemical cues have been found to affect amoebas, fish and some mammals such as hamsters and monkeys.

Behavioral patterns such as sexual activity and aggression emerged as possibly being triggered by certain pheromones . In particular, females in the animal kingdom are known to exude pheromones that alert males of their presence. Learn about the pheromones found in humans.

Why let the animals have all the fun, though? Humans may be just as susceptible to be affected by scents lingering in the air.

While the scientific community is still waiting for definite evidence of the presence of this particular chemical compound in the body, there have been important breakthroughs in the study of human pheromones. Check out pheromones at and

Certain studies have yielded positive results, such as the identification of a receptor in the nose that may actually detect pheromones. There have also been testing sessions that underline the importance of the olfactory sense in behavior—intentional or otherwise.

Some examples are women adapting to the menstrual cycles of other women they live with. And babies identifying the clothing of their mothers through smell.

Pheromones Boost Sexual Attraction

In the field of sexual attraction, human pheromones are an important factor. Although scent is often not high on our list of “must-haves” in an ideal mate, it may actually be more important than we think. Studies have suggested that rating the physical attractiveness of people of the opposite sex is influenced by the sense of smell.

So apparently, pheromones may be just as important to men and women as it is in animals. And this could solve the woes of those who find themselves constantly unlucky in the dating circuit.

There are already some companies who have forged ahead and concocted perfumes that contain a bit of pheromones to up the game of their wearers when going out. It may not do the entire job for a man or woman. But it may help up their chances in attracting a few admirers. If luck is not on their side, at least biology could be.

Test Pheromones Today

Those who are eager to test the powers of human pheromones can check out our selection of reliable sources for pheromone perfumes. How to find true love? How to attract a compatible mate? These questions do not have a single, absolute answer, but perhaps human pheromones can help pave the way.