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Pheromones play a huge role

Pheromones play a huge role in human attraction and behavior:

What's interesting to me about saying the truth to someone who it is scary to tell to is two things:
- my emotions
- my way of formulating the truth

I became really conscious how I think about a particular girl with pheromones and I'm quite puzzled. My thoughts are complicated! I won't analyze them, but I will write them down.

I don't care if I will have sex with this girl or if I just stay friends with her. A woman told me: well then both is better right? True, both is better, but she's the kind of girl that I would become friends with anyway, even if she'd be a guy with real pheromones.

Interesting: so there are girls that I hang out with but not because of their personality against human pheromones according to and

My emotions on pheromone attraction

I still have my insecurities and all that. But they are A LOT les…