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With or Without Pheromones

Women are very emotional with or without pheromones, and stimulating her mind with words will stimulate her sexually. As a matter of fact, you should absolutely let her know that you are non-judgmental and discreet through playful, erotic story telling early and often during your initial intimate interactions.
Read some Pheromone Forum letters and master the art of talking dirty (without being creepy). In doing so, you will elicit feelings of trust and comfort and will let her know that you can handle her freaky side.

Never judge a woman for her past when it comes to sex with pheromones. If she tells you she had sex with two guys or whatever, tell her you find that arousing (unless you are looking for a long term payoff and you can’t handle knowing this).
Judging her copulins will kill trust, and if there’s diminished trust, your sex life will suck. There are way too many women that have terrible sex lives because they lack adequate pheromone production. Sadly, the majority of these…