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Pheromones play a huge role

Pheromones play a huge role in human attraction and behavior:

What's interesting to me about saying the truth to someone who it is scary to tell to is two things:
- my emotions
- my way of formulating the truth

I became really conscious how I think about a particular girl with pheromones and I'm quite puzzled. My thoughts are complicated! I won't analyze them, but I will write them down.

I don't care if I will have sex with this girl or if I just stay friends with her. A woman told me: well then both is better right? True, both is better, but she's the kind of girl that I would become friends with anyway, even if she'd be a guy with real pheromones.

Interesting: so there are girls that I hang out with but not because of their personality against human pheromones according to and

My emotions on pheromone attraction

I still have my insecurities and all that. But they are A LOT les…

The two pheromone formulations

The two pheromone formulations of microcapsules (differed only in orfralure concentration: 2 and 0°70) were tested in other plots (20 g lure per hectare per treatment). Thus, the level »f lure per hectare in the dispensers was about 1/24 that in the microcapsules. In the first 9 weeks of the test, the 2 and 10°70 capsules reduced trap catch 92 and respectively; the dispensers produced a 78°70 decrease. After the retreatment, the dispensers reduced trap catch 99°70; and the 2 and 10°70 capsules formulations produced reductions of 89 and 98°70, respectively according to many others.
Over the whole 24-week test, all treated plots ih0W€d a 90 to 96°70 reduction in trap catch. The infestation level during this test was it least ten times greater than that of the preceding year, and twig damage was so extensive that significant reduction as a result of treatment with lure was not expected. Nevertheless, the 2 and 10°70 capsules did reduce damage 36 and 18°70, respectively; no reduction was o…

Pheromones were applied ten times


Pheromone Release and Mating Success

Close-in mating activity, as observed by Richerson et al.,“ was described as follows: The male approaches the female usually from above, rarely from below. Final short- range orientation (25 to 30 cm) is a straight line run at the female. After initial contact with the female‘: head, thorax. or win: (rarely with the abdomen). Learn about pheromones at
D. Factors Affecting Pheromone Release and Mating Success
Richerson and Cameron“ found that the female would not reach maximum attractiveness until the second or third day of adult life, a conclusion supported by field observations of Boness.“ On the other hand, Richerson et al.“ found little difference in the mating potential of 1- to 3-day-old females, but reported that mating success decreased greatly from the 4th day onward. Collins and Potts‘ reported that virgin females remained attractive to males until death (up to 17 days in one instance).
The amount of pheromone released by an individual female …

Pheromones play a big role

Pheromones play a big role in the insect kingdom. The surveillance of native species of stored product insects (personal communication — A. J. Gilbert, Calif. Dept. of Agric.). In this preliminary test the traps were found to be attractive to both adults and larvae of beetles from the Dermestidae and adults of Curculionidae, Cucujidae and Tenebrionidae in sizable numbers, while adults of Bostrichidae, Nitidulidae, Ostomidae and Mycetophagidae were captured in small numbers. The ratio of adults in the traps was: 2.7(A): 2(B): 2.5(C): 1(D). The ratios of 338 larvae caught were: - 3.6(A): 2.6(B): l(C): 1.4 (D). 
The structure of the pheromone trap appeared to provide an ideal hiding place for the insects. The traps with insecticide only had an average of two and one half times the number of adult insects of all families when compared to the untreated control. Concentration of pheromone appeared to be too low in these tests, but it was interesting that no larvae other than dermestid larv…

What Colognes Have Real Pheromones?

I right now have 2 pheromones:Pherazone: For sex situations or seduction situations. This one guy I quoted video in the other thread says in his experience sexual pheromones work (only) when you are already in isolation and she is relaxed and even when you are already fucking her -> effect shall be that she has more lust and is more animalistic. So I will take this when fuck buddies come over or on dates where I think sex could happen. Pheromones are mostly purchases by men who want to attract women.

Learn how pheromones work | 

Max Attraction: for going out, social situations. Shall work on men and women -> this is great cause it shall work on myself. Learn more about pheromones at

Random Pheromone thoughts 27.8:
- Placebo effect is crazy - There is the established theory(?) on the pheromone forums it seems if you spray too little it does not work, if you spray too much it can work the opposite (instead of attraction they feel repulsed)…