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Pheromones Widespread Usage

Much the way that aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is gaining more widespread use, so too, are pheromones, as more products are placed on the market and pheromone research continues to mature.
For many, the use of pheromone perfumes or their placement in perfumes or colognes appear to have increased social confidence, self esteem, and allowed users to put their best foot forward in communicating with their peers.

This can also be true for upscale perfume provided by the perfumers and cosmetic companies like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, etc. For others 5 pheromones are sought for the specific claims made on behalf of its appeal to overt sexuality. The need to accelerate attractiveness between couples. related to its action in leading in no uncertain terms to the desire to couple. ” Here we are dealing with the evolutionary drive that led to creation of pheromones in the animal kingdom. An end point in sexuality that is designed to separate our limbic brainstem from the rational thin…

Dealing with Women Pheromones

Pheromones can be purchased in a bottle of perfume, or drugs and other therapies that could change medicine, we can be certain they will continue to affect us on many levels.The concepts introduced in this chapter of our pheromones article have prepared you for your upcoming journey into the fascinating world of pheromones. As you read on, you will encounter a new way of viewing and assessing human behavior, and begin to appreciate the intricate connection between the five senses and the sixth sense.
Long before scientists suspected the role of pheromones in human interaction, they were aware of their place in animal courtship and behavior.

As you are about to see, the pheromonal capabilities of some animals are quite wondrous and, at times, surprising according to and 
Getting love is remarkably easy for a male pig. He exhales a waft of breath on which floats…

Pheromones are omnipotent

Pheromones are omnipotent in the animal kingdom. The sex drive of a native phish could be its downfall.  Se pheromones are now being used as bait to trap the pest.  An eradiation program has shrunk Carp numbers. Now a pheromones expert  has been recruited to remove the last of them.  Reducing the population is why sex trumps food. By boosting the production of sex pheromones , Carp populations can be boosted. The pheromones used are specific to carp.  If the program is successful these chemical messengers will be used in more programs. Learn more about the role of pheromones at work. Learn more at

Sex Pheromones in Humans

When dancing with a woman I pull her close, pressing her leg against my crotch. This lets her know that I have a boner. I do have a problem though. See, sometimes I don’t get a boner. So I’m thinking “Oh shit! She’s all over me but I cannot get myself in the mood. Poor woman!” Dude, do not worry about it. Girl…

Pheromones Olfactory Research

Pheromones can cause a distortion of the sense of smell; pbantosmia refers to detecting the odor of something that is not there; and beterosmia causes all odors to smell the same according to and

A person experiencing problems with his or her sense of smell may suffer from a number of disorders—neurological (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), hormonal, or viral. Some- times, upper respiratory infections can interfere with the ability to smell. However, head injuries account for the most serious cases of olfactory impairment. 
Approximately 20 to 30 percent of head trauma victims lose some or all of their sense of smell of pheromones. A severe blow to the back of the head can jar the brain inside the skull, shearing the axons of the ciliated receptor cells. The olfactory epithelium becomes disorganized and is no longer able to send its signals. Fortunately, the neura…

Pheromones And Love

The vomeronasal organ and then triggering the appropriate emotion or response. Dr. David Berliner, president of the pheromone research company Pherin Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnologist and a former anatomy professor whose research on human pheromones is a key source for the information in this book, has taken the link between the VNO and the hypothalamus even further by testing ways to deliver drug therapies in the form of synthetic sub- stances acting on the VNO. In general, pheromone communication works like this: Messages taken into the VNO travel to the hypothalamus, reaching the brain in fractions of a second. Once at the emotional core of the brain, the message carried by the pheromone elicits the designated response. Thus, like animals responding to pheromonal cues as part of daily existence, we, too, react to pheromones without thinking according to

 From Pheromone Obscurity to the Spotlight

Five years ago, few people were talki…