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Pheromones Widespread Usage

Much the way that aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is gaining more widespread use, so too, are pheromones, as more products are placed on the market and pheromone research continues to mature.
For many, the use of pheromone perfumes or their placement in perfumes or colognes appear to have increased social confidence, self esteem, and allowed users to put their best foot forward in communicating with their peers.

This can also be true for upscale perfume provided by the perfumers and cosmetic companies like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, etc. For others 5 pheromones are sought for the specific claims made on behalf of its appeal to overt sexuality. The need to accelerate attractiveness between couples. related to its action in leading in no uncertain terms to the desire to couple. ” Here we are dealing with the evolutionary drive that led to creation of pheromones in the animal kingdom. An end point in sexuality that is designed to separate our limbic brainstem from the rational thinking of ads that have populated Men’s magazines over the past decade where there is no question as to the motives that have led to their creation.

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In regard to pheromone action at the clinical level I have been involved with the development of Eros cent. This is a pheromone derived from, our native human hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone. (DHEA). DHEA and its metabolites secreted by our skin decreases with progressive age; and DHEA is present in both men and women. It gives rise to both; testosterone and estrogen. A processed DHEA contained in Eroscent has been shown in a double blind study to enhance sexual attraction between both sexes according to
There is a plethora of information readily available on pheromone colognes. Eroscent is applied by application to the upper lip directly beneath o nostrils to allow its scent to act directly on our vomeronasal receptors.

However, its action may be applicable to wherever lovers place the ~ noses in the search for intimacy.
 Eroscent is unisexual in its appeal and we feel that its action is reciprocal ‘ between the sexes. Responding to it, with or without touch, in our own pheromones to provide social exchange or to further attract 2 encourage our lovers. What most users are looking for is described in the following experience of a 28 year-old Eroscent user:
 “There was a guy nearby and I happened to glance at him. He took that as his cue. He was acting as if he had in me the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He was talking about the special connection we had found across the room and telling me that there was something about me, he didn’t know what it was, but I was special and he had to make sure I knew it. The pheromones certainly had an effect on him!” Of course this can happen without Eroscent, and not all users are satisfied. Learn more at

According to, one must ask if pheromones can restore the limbic attraction between elderly couples bound together in long-term relationships?
Can pheromone attraction lend permanence and intimacy to lovers? Does it aid courtship or is it a placebo effect related to the creation of our belief in its activity? Is its action the equivalent of putting on an exiting garment; sharing a vacation; an exiting visit to the theater, or the dance? Is the pheromone Eroscent the equivalent of a full moon on a balmy spring evening? Or does it relate to when someone we are fond of or dependent on, rewards us with a compliment or a gift? Does it relate to the elation we get when we are triumphant or happy?

Beyond its sexual role and its release when sensuously moved are pheromones also produced as a subconscious response to happiness or contentment? Do we release pheromones with the happiness we share in someone else’s joy, or the aesthetics of a sunset, our love for a child, or the excitement of a football game? In that regard, is something telling us as we breathe it in, subconsciously now is the to reinforce our bonding, to share our love with others and to open ourselves to reproduction.

Dealing with Women Pheromones

Pheromones can be purchased in a bottle of perfume, or drugs and other therapies that could change medicine, we can be certain they will continue to affect us on many levels.The concepts introduced in this chapter of our pheromones article have prepared you for your upcoming journey into the fascinating world of pheromones. As you read on, you will encounter a new way of viewing and assessing human behavior, and begin to appreciate the intricate connection between the five senses and the sixth sense.
Long before scientists suspected the role of pheromones in human interaction, they were aware of their place in animal courtship and behavior.

As you are about to see, the pheromonal capabilities of some animals are quite wondrous and, at times, surprising according to and 
Getting love is remarkably easy for a male pig. He exhales a waft of breath on which floats a complex symphony of pheromones telling the world (or the nearest sow), “I’m ready to mate—who’s available?” If she’s in heat, the sow will respond without what have become the preludes to human romance thanks to

Flowers, chocolates, a candlelit dinner with wine are not necessary. The sow accepts amour without courtship. When the boar’s breath, which via the saliva contains the pheromone 5—alpha-androstenol, reaches the female, she assumes a mating posture, giving her body over to the pure and A singular message that it’s time to reproduce her kind. She arches , her back and slips into lordosis, lifting her genitals toward the end.

Dealing with Women with Pheromones

The alpha way is indifference. You want to continue but only on your terms (no hiding shame to the outside world), if she don’t want to it’s ok and you both move on…. it is what it is.
Alpha Male Pheromones
You wanna be an alpha male with pheromones? Dont spend 5 days a week with a girl you just met 2 weeks ago. HAVE A LIFE! If I meet a girl, there’s no way I’m gonna have time for her 5 days a week. Not even if she’s a supermodel or the coolest girl on the planet. Women need to earn my time. I dont hand them my time and balls on a silver platter, which is what you basically did here… and that’s the reason why she doesn’t wanna be with you, as Nirad already pointed out. She wants a guy who’s got his life together, not a little puppy dog who will follow her around wherever she goes, and call her 20 times a day. My sticking point is unravelling emotionally if i think the relationship with my favorite girl is unravelling too.

Proof Pheromones Work

My boss was flirting the shit out of me tonight and volunteered her cell and email. She said she had a dream about me last night where we were spooning and i was still making sales on the phone. After she gave me her number i texted her to save my number under a fun nickname.  She put in “man of my dreams.”  i told her to change it to “dreamboat” and that spooning leads to forking. This is the power of human pheromones!

Pheromones are omnipotent

Pheromones are omnipotent in the animal kingdom. The sex drive of a native phish could be its downfall.  Se pheromones are now being used as bait to trap the pest.  An eradiation program has shrunk Carp numbers. Now a pheromones expert  has been recruited to remove the last of them.  Reducing the population is why sex trumps food. By boosting the production of sex pheromones , Carp populations can be boosted. The pheromones used are specific to carp.  If the program is successful these chemical messengers will be used in more programs. Learn more about the role of pheromones at work. Learn more at

Sex Pheromones in Humans

When dancing with a woman I pull her close, pressing her leg against my crotch. This lets her know that I have a boner. I do have a problem though. See, sometimes I don’t get a boner. So I’m thinking “Oh shit! She’s all over me but I cannot get myself in the mood. Poor woman!” Dude, do not worry about it. Girls love it when they give you a boner through the emission of male pheromones.

Let her know she’s turning you on. What Igarn stated is a perfect example of what I encountered just a couple of days ago: I know this rich girl that I used to be friends with back in high school. She invited me to a fancy dance party in some ball room. Anyway, I get there and mingle. While there, I overhear two girls practically bragging out dudes they were dancing with getting hard. They weren’t talking shit about the guy and they weren’t ugly. It just made them feel good. It’s a huge ego boost for a girl. If it freaks here out, she’s probably very insecure about her looks or not very sexual. Don’t sweat it. Pheromones will make a huge difference in how women perceive you thanks to the article at

Everyone knows that the most powerful pheromones will include a heavy dosage of androstenone, androsterone, and copulins for the females. This is what causes pheromonal attraction to the opposite sex according to others.

My woman and I were talking the other day… we were watching a documentary on human pheromones, and there’s a scene at the prom where they’re dancing. I made a comment that I was never a big fan of school dances, and she said “The only good thing about them was feeling my dance partner’s hard-on rubbing up against me during the slow dances.”

Don’t be afraid of your pheromone sexuality, sir. Own it. Use it. Girls fucking love it. If she points it out, say “Hey, you’re the one who caused it. I’m just responding to your charms.”
Hehe dont let yourself get insecure about that. hell i get a boner if my girl sends me casual SMS if i am horny. So what you do next time? Hug her and tell her: wow you are so fucking sexy i barely can hold myself….this is nice sincere compliment, especially when she feels your hard dick rubbing against her.
When i used to get a boner with a girl – taking, dancing and stuff… i used to be super ashamed an older guy (who was a player) told me:   dont be ashamed, let her feel it, she will like the fact that she excites you so much. I did not believe him then. Now, many years after, i know he was right because he used pheromones.   there is NOTHING to be ashamed of, girls  LOVE it when they turn you on (assuming you are not cumming into your pants)
You will probably disregard my comment on cheap pheromones but years later you will remember it, and laugh, on how right i was.

Pheromones Olfactory Research

Pheromones can cause a distortion of the sense of smell; pbantosmia refers to detecting the odor of something that is not there; and beterosmia causes all odors to smell the same according to and

A person experiencing problems with his or her sense of smell may suffer from a number of disorders—neurological (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), hormonal, or viral. Some- times, upper respiratory infections can interfere with the ability to smell. However, head injuries account for the most serious cases of olfactory impairment. 
Approximately 20 to 30 percent of head trauma victims lose some or all of their sense of smell of pheromones. A severe blow to the back of the head can jar the brain inside the skull, shearing the axons of the ciliated receptor cells. The olfactory epithelium becomes disorganized and is no longer able to send its signals. Fortunately, the neural tissues of the olfactory epithelium (as well as the epithelium of the VNO) can regenerate themselves and, in some cases, reinstate the sense of smell. Check out

The Olfactory Research Fund suggests that when people meet, they engage in “olfactory bonding.” Just as we carry around and disseminate our pheromones, we also have a “smell fingerprint,” a unique body odor that is the cumulation of the food we eat, our individual genetic codes, the makeup of our skin, the medications we take, the kind of mood we’re in, and even the weather.
Smells, like pheromones, help us to define our models of attraction. Who could argue with French poet and novelist Rémy de Gourmont, who said: “The woman one loves always smells good.”
The five senses are what allow us to make sense, literally,our surroundings. Now that we have a knowledge of the physiological origin and workings of the sixth sense, we have the opportunity to understand ourselves and other people more fully. Why are we motivated to do certain things? Why do we react to situations and people in sometimes unpredictable ways? The answers to such questions may be revealed in the delicate and ever-complicated brain dance of the senses.
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Pheromones Play A Role With Women

One girl once told me, when arriving to the same place as she happened to be „you come with calmness”. I believe this is basically the same thing, expressed slightly different. You bring them a point of stability, stillness and calm. And those things makes them feel secure.
I did not go out this weekend, had a weird shoulder pain but I still went on a date with this girl from POF. It was the second time that I met her and we kissed. I knew she was attracted to the Pherazone pheromone cologne I was wearing. Learn about pheromones at

I am definitely settling into my personality and letting it shine…I am bringing up stuff about meditation and connection, stuff like they teach in AMP about the present moment etc and I’m having a lot of fun even acknowledging awkward moments and all. I was talking about my feet being humid in my shoes because I had walked on snow and it was awesome.

Pheromones And Love

The vomeronasal organ and then triggering the appropriate emotion or response. Dr. David Berliner, president of the pheromone research company Pherin Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnologist and a former anatomy professor whose research on human pheromones is a key source for the information in this book, has taken the link between the VNO and the hypothalamus even further by testing ways to deliver drug therapies in the form of synthetic sub- stances acting on the VNO. In general, pheromone communication works like this: Messages taken into the VNO travel to the hypothalamus, reaching the brain in fractions of a second. Once at the emotional core of the brain, the message carried by the pheromone elicits the designated response. Thus, like animals responding to pheromonal cues as part of daily existence, we, too, react to pheromones without thinking according to

 From Pheromone Obscurity to the Spotlight

Five years ago, few people were talking about human pheromones. Regardless of what was happening in a few labs around the country, people certainly weren’t discussing pheromones over lunch, and the popular press hadn’t yet realized that pheromones make for interesting feature stories and enticing headlines thanks to

Now that the existence of human pheromones has been confirmed and their role in our behavior has been documented, it seems clear that these chemical communicators have important things to tell all of us. What does it all mean? The possibilities are enormous. Scientists are now investigating how pheromones and their derivatives may help you lose weight, get a better night’s sleep, slip into a mood conducive to romance, heighten your libido, combat the effects of anxiety and panic disorders, and treat premenstrual syndrome and breast and prostate cancers.

Pheromones And Love 

According to, whether pheromones enter our lives and our vomeronasal organs through our loved one’s sweet-smelling sweat, a newly one. My emotions are still lagging behind on my rational thoughts due to heavy pheromone attraction. That means I still love her because we also had a lot of very pleasant moments. The story that I wrote above is thus only one side of the picture. She had moments were she was super-sweet and were we were the perfect couple. She also used to be a model so I have the feeling this will be the prettiest girlfriend I can get. It is for me hard to understand that she became so demanding the last months. It is also breaking my hart that no matter what I do, I will not be good enough for her. In the beginning she looked up to me but that changed after a while. Maybe because I became too soft or my behavior caused her to consider me for granted (my friends say that whenever I have a girlfriend, I put her on a pedestal). It kind of sucks that good guys don’t get rewarded (I know I am whining), but I knew that already because I have read a lot of game material. I thought these negative effects of being a good guy would be less pronounced in a relationship (in contrast to the attraction phase before the relationship). Anyway, I started using powerful pheromone colognes like Pherazone to spikc eup my love life again.