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Pheromone Colognes For Sexual Advantage

Are you interested in purchasing the best pheromone cologne? If you can demonstrate that you’re fun, being playful, self amusing, teasing, flirting, friendly, positive and chill; if you can show that you’re masculine — meaning you recognize the differences in the sexes.
Today we’re going to talk about pheromone colognes can make you more attractive around women and how to use them to your advantage. You have the very routine based guys and then you have the guys who are more focused on inner game. And in my opinion, the real power comes from being somewhere in the middle of the two of them.
Why do you want to use pheromones?
You understand men are purposeful, leading, mature, strong, certain, dominant, calm, comfortable. And you understand the difference in the polarities between men and women and how to interact with a woman as opposed to how to interact with a man. By using powerful pheromone colognes you will get the hidden advantage on women and increase your sexual attractiveness…

Best Pheromones In The World - Real Reviews!

Pheromone are chemicals produced by animals to control behavior and influence in the opposite sex. Perfume and cologne manufactures specifically use pheromones in their product lines to enhance peoples sexual aura and increase sexual attraction. With so many different pheromone products on the market how do you know which one is the best?
Why Use Pheromones
Let's face it, if you are a guy in the dating game you know how finicky women can be. Most women that have had a half-way decent childhood are not attracted to men who are mean, self-centered, arrogant, obnoxious or indifferent towards others. Instead, it is the underlying complementary characteristics that often go with being an asshole that account for why women are attracted to them. Fortunately for humanity, these positive and attractive characteristics are not mutually exclusive to being an asshole. One can cultivate these positive attributes separately from the other negative traits according to https://jail6letter.wordpres…

College girl who loved my pheromone spray

So I met this college girl who loved my pheromone spray. She seemed cool and we didn't talk for so long outside of college (neither inside).. I was just being indirect and flirtatious with her for those moments. We didn't talk at all really, but someday at a college party, we met officially and we talked and built rapport (like a tunnel between both eyes while we were talking.. her eyes were like two bubbles). I was wearing Pherazone pheromones. She asked me to be her partner group for some homework. I accepted it, being flirtatious (like cocky&funny).
The same day we delivered the homework I started to be MORE flirtatious with her, but this time hugging her playfully, and some of the same. Pherazone contains a heavy dosage of androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. 2 days passed and I asked her out on a text message while we were texting and she gave me silence since yesterday (i don't think she's introverted at all).
Pheromones Confusion
I'm kinda confu…